Film's Not Dead

Tired of being told film is dead? Being told "We no longer process film"? well, Niagara Film Co. is here to tell you that film is alive and well and that we're doing our part to keep it alive by processing all of your film.

Offering fast turnaround, high quality digital scans we've got you covered whether you're a veteran shooter or new to film photography.

  • Processing

    Drop off or mail in your film or disposable camera to get processed by Niagara Film Co. We deliver high quality digital scans in a quick turnaround

  • Cameras & Film

    Need to stock up on film? need to buy your first film camera or replace an old one? We've got your back. Our store is filled with different film and cameras for you to purchase

  • Learn & Connect

    Want to meet other photographers who love film? Or want to learn about film photography and the process? Keep an eye out for our events/workshops

By Film Photographers for Film Photographers

We know how important your film is to you. Thats why it's important to us that we treat your film as if it were our own. Organization, processing and scanning processes are taken care of to ensure you get your photos in a timely manner and they're up to your standards as a photographer.

Get Your Film Developed